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The longest-reigning Queen of Philippine Cinema, also widely known as the Star for All Seasons and the QueenStar, Vilma Santos celebrates her golden anniversary in showbiz. She has starred in more than 200 films and has given the public some of the most memorable performances in Philippine motion picture history. An icon of film and popular culture, her magnetic screen presence has captured the hearts and minds of generations of Filipinos. Her enduring charisma and popularity have made her filmdom's most durable female superstar. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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Saturday, November 3, 2012


"Phili-fear cinema favorites: More treats than tricks"
Bert B. Sulat Jr.,, 10/29/2012

“Haplos” is listed as one of the “10 of the more memorable Filipino films that are scary in varying degrees” in the article entitled “Phili-fear cinema favorites: More treats than tricks.”

The article has this to say about the film:

“2. Haplos (1982)

“Likewise an MMFF entry in its year of release, “...this Ricky Lee-scripted, Antonio Jose Perez-helmed drama is topbilled by Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, a tandem whose prolific body of work together is, in the view of former Philippine Free Press contributing editor-writer Ricky Torre, ‘akin to the wealth of collaborations between Miles Davis and John Coltrane. The Vi-Boyet oeuvre ably tackled the nuances of human relationships.’

“Haplos’ key players essentially form a love triangle (Rio Locsin plays the 3rd wheel) but, in the story’s traversing between its present time and the era of the Japanese occupation, it is also, as Torre muses, ‘a far-out take on the time-space continuum.’

“The horror element in Haplos is also its twist, one best realized by the uninitiated by scoring it on video CD.”

Vilma Santos and Ralph Recto in BizNews Asia's "Most Powerful and Influential Filipinos" list

“64. VILMA SANTOS, Governor (Batangas)

“She continues to enjoy popularity because of her SINCERITY and CHARISMA,
helped by occasi
onal appearances in movies. A recent awardee in local governance, she can easily win other elective posts, such as congressman or senator (except that her husband is already in the Senate), or even in vice presidency.


“Another ally of President PNoy in the Senate, he chair the powerful Ways & Means Committee and the Government Corporations and Public Enterprises panel. His legislative agenda and advocacy priorities are health, education, agriculture, roads, tourism and security. He watered down the sin tax bill.”

- BizNews Asia, Vol. 10, 22, “Display until Dec. 31, 2012”

From ‘Ate Vi’ to ‘Gov Vi’: The ‘star for all seasons’ is also the public servant for all times
By Lito B. Zulueta, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sunday, October 14th, 2012

“Monday finds Batangas City sodden and sullen from the early-morning monsoon drench, with motorists from Manila making their way toward the provincial capital, braving through the new road extension from the Southern Luzon Expressway, which has suddenly been enveloped by a thick fog, obscuring the way and raising fears of a road mishap.

“Everything appears to indicate that it’s going to be a bad week ahead, but the provincial government driver tells us not to worry. “Whenever the Gov arrives,” he says in smacking Batangueño Tagalog, “the rains will stop and the skies will clear.”

““Gov” is Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, “Ate Vi” to the general masses, the actress and “Star for all Seasons” who has become probably the most successful and most admired actor-politician today.

“And the driver is right. By the time we get to the provincial capital grounds, the rains have stopped, and in the provincial auditorium, at the strike of 8:30 a.m. for the Monday flag ceremony, it is announced that she has arrived: It’s Gov Vi bringing the sun with her unfalteringly radiant smile....”

Read full story:

 “The art and life of Ishmael Bernal”
By Pablo A. Tariman, Thu, Oct 4, 2012,

“...In the documentary, Santos admitted that working with Bernal brought out the best in her as an actress. "She made me do this scene in 'Relasyon' that was really tough as it was unpredictable. I think Bernal was the first director to risk putting the character of The Mistress as The Heroine. In the past, the roles of mistresses were mere punching bags of The Wives in many confrontation scenes in Filipino movies," she added….”
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