Vilma Santos

The longest-reigning Queen of Philippine Cinema, also widely known as the Star for All Seasons and the QueenStar, Vilma Santos celebrates her golden anniversary in showbiz. She has starred in more than 200 films and has given the public some of the most memorable performances in Philippine motion picture history. An icon of film and popular culture, her magnetic screen presence has captured the hearts and minds of generations of Filipinos. Her enduring charisma and popularity have made her filmdom's most durable female superstar. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Direk Jeffrey Jeturian confessed in a 2008 interview he's a Vilmanian and wanted to direct Vilma


“Who are the Filipino actors you want to direct?

“Vilma (Santos).

“Why her?

“Kasi Vilmanian ako (laughs). But don’t print it, baka magalit sa akin ang Noranians (laughs). 

“So why Vilma?

“Eh kasi nga Vilmanian ako! (laughs).

“Seriously, as an actress, she’s sincere and I want to see her in a different role. I also want to direct Maricel (Soriano), Sharon (Cuneta) and Judy Ann (Santos).”
(Silvestre, Edmund. “Jeffrey Jeturian: Brocka’s heir apparent,” Saturday, March 1, 2008)


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