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Friday, September 6, 2013

Movie Review: Ekstra The Bit Player

by MsMightyMau, Aug. 21, 2013

I had the chance to watch the award-winning indie film, released mainstream, Ekstra The Bit Player. This is through the kindness of the Vilmanians,VSSI (Vilma Santos Solid International) as they invited bloggers to a special block screening of the film along with some guests, the cast and the STAR FOR ALL SEASONS herself, Ms. Vilma Santos! So now, even though I know that a lot of movie reviews were released for this film that are even coming from legit movie critics, I would like to share my own personal movie review as the film is something worth it..

Ekstra The Bit Player
Starring Ms. Vilma Santos, Marlon Rivera, Vincent de Jesus, Ruby Ruiz, Tart Carlo, with the special participation of Piolo Pascual, Pilar Pilapil, Cherie Gil, Cherry Pie Picache, Richard Yap, and Marian Rivera
Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian
From Quantum Films, Cinemalaya and Star Cinema

Movie Synopsis:
Loida Malabanan (Vilma Santos) is a caring single parent who strives hard to provide for her beloved daughter. She works as a bit player in a TV show where she started from a crowd, to a character double, up to a role with speaking lines... She gives in to what is needed for the shoot of the show. Loida is doing everything she can just to get enough money for her daughter's tuition fee for school. Loida is also passionate with her work, she believes that she will get her own shot at fame. She shares the positivity to her friends, also playing as extras, and keeps their spirit high. As she gets a step closer to her spotlight, how can she overcome the pressure of doing a scene with the biggest stars she looks up to?

•I know Ate Vi is an icon, but seriously, I personally never had a chance to appreciate her as an actress, up until this movie. Don't get me wrong, I watched some of her timeless films up until her latest movie, The Healing, which I am indeed satisfied but this one is different. I never had imagined how easily she can move me, this film had made me realize why she is the Star for All Seasons. Maybe because it is how she took the risk in the "indie film" scene. I am surprised that I rediscovered, appreciated and loved the most ironic portrayal of a star as an extra. Ate Vi gave warmth on the entire film. The way she gets teary-eyed, transcends the emotions to the viewers. She effectively portrayed the exhaustion of working in the entertainment industry, and that is even without complaining. The unconditional mother's love executed gracefully in this movie makes me miss my own mom. She also showcased a good heart of a caring friend to all the other bit players, which as told by the cast members, it is indeed not just for an act. Ate Vi cared for her co-stars and indeed made them feel no different than a friend.

•The character actors were stellar. The movie speaks the truth of what can happen in making a TV show. As it seems to be an easy thing to do for all the televiewers, well, you definitely have no idea. Not until this was shown mainstream. It mirrored the passion of all the people working for this industry. From the director, production designer, producer, artists, talents, utilities.. everyone has their own share of hardships just to give you your daily dose of primetime drama, or your blockbuster movie.
•The comedy of reality that makes the movie light is definitely a plus. It is funny because it's true. It is genuine.

•The big stars in the movie left a lasting impression in each role they portray. I would like to commend Ms. Cherie Gil as she is the epitome of being a "kontrabida"! If there will be anyone from showbiz that I am scared of, it will definitely be her! On TV or movies, the way she talks, walks, and even her gestures are all classy but kinda evil.. hahaha.. I love her for being scary. That is how extremely effective she is. On the other hand, I am deeply entertained by Ms. Marian Rivera. As refreshing it was to see her paired with Piolo Pascual in a mock TV series, it is refreshing to see her in an effortlessly candid and amusing role. I can't help but smile just by watching her. Marian Rivera truly shined in this film too, without outshining the bit players.
•I admire how the film ended in an open note, life just goes on. I have learned that there is more than just "happy endings" to look forward to, a movie is effective as long as it left an impression. Whatever happens today may be different to what will tomorrow bring. I salute Loida as an empowered woman, not giving up a fight.

Please support Ekstra The Bit Player, watch it in theaters near you, still showing!


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